Monday, July 31, 2017

White House Chiefs of Staff, 1969-2017

Below is a list of modern White House Chiefs of Staff (1969-2017) compiled for a book I am co-authoring on the topic.

Chief of Staff                                     Tenure             President                     Party
Harry Robbins (H.R.) Haldeman        1969-73           Nixon                          Republican
Alexander M. Haig, Jr.                       1973-74           Nixon                          Republican
Donald H. Rumsfeld                          1974-75           Ford                            Republican
Richard M. Cheney                             1975-77           Ford                            Republican
William Hamilton M. Jordan              1979-80           Carter                          Democratic
Jack H. Watson, Jr.                             1980-81           Carter                          Democratic
James A. Baker III                              1981-85           Reagan                                    Republican
Donald T. Regan                                 1985-87           Reagan                                    Republican
Howard H. Baker, Jr.                          1987-88           Reagan                                    Republican
Kenneth M. Duberstein                      1988-89           Reagan                                    Republican
John H. Sununu                                  1989-91           G.H.W. Bush              Republican
Samuel K. Skinner                              1991-92           G.H.W. Bush              Republican
James A. Baker III                              1992-93           G.H.W. Bush              Republican
Thomas F. McLarty III                       1993-94           Clinton                        Democratic
Leon E. Panetta                                  1994-97           Clinton                        Democratic
Erskine B. Bowles                              1997-98           Clinton                        Democratic
John D. Podesta                                  1998-01           Clinton                        Democratic
Andrew H. Card, Jr.                           2001-06           G.W. Bush                  Republican
Joshua B. Bolten                                 2006-09           G.W. Bush                  Republican
Rahm I. Emanuel*                              2009-10           Obama                         Democratic
William M. Daley                                2011-12           Obama                         Democratic
Jacob J. Lew                                       2012-13           Obama                         Democratic
Denis R. McDonough                         2013-17           Obama                         Democratic
Reinhold R. “Reince” Priebus            2017                 Trump                          Republican
John F. Kelly                                       2017-p             Trump                          Republican

* After Emanuel left his post to run for mayor of Chicago, Senior Adviser Peter M. Rouse served as interim chief of staff from October 1, 2010, to January 13, 2011.


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