Monday, January 6, 2014

White House Chiefs of Staff, 1969-2014

Below is a list of modern White House Chiefs of Staff (1969-2014) compiled for a book I am co-authoring on the topic.

Chief of Staff          Tenure    President     Party
H.R. Haldeman           1969-7    Nixon         Republican
Alexander M. Haig, Jr.  1973-74   Nixon         Republican
Donald H. Rumsfeld      1974-75   Ford          Republican
Richard M. Cheney       1975-77   Ford          Republican
Hamilton Jordan         1979-80   Carter        Democratic
Jack H. Watson, Jr.     1980-81   Carter        Democratic
James A. Baker III      1981-85   Reagan        Republican
Donald T. Regan         1985-87   Reagan        Republican
Howard H. Baker, Jr.    1987-88   Reagan        Republican
Kenneth M. Duberstein   1988-89   Reagan        Republican
John H. Sununu          1989-91   G.H.W. Bush   Republican
Samuel K. Skinner       1991-92   G.H.W. Bush   Republican
James A. Baker III      1992-93   G.H.W. Bush   Republican
Thomas F. McLarty III   1993-94   Clinton       Democratic
Leon E. Panetta         1994-97   Clinton       Democratic
Erskine B. Bowles       1997-98   Clinton       Democratic
John D. Podesta         1998-01   Clinton       Democratic
Andrew H. Card, Jr.     2001-06   G.W. Bush     Republican
Joshua B. Bolten        2006-09   G.W. Bush     Republican
Rahm I. Emanuel*        2009-10   Obama         Democratic
William M. Daley        2011-12   Obama         Democratic
Jacob J. Lew            2012-13   Obama         Democratic
Denis R. McDonough      2013-p    Obama         Democratic

* After Emanuel left his post to run for mayor of Chicago, Senior Adviser Peter M. Rouse served as interim chief of staff from October 1, 2010, to January 13, 2011.

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