Monday, October 8, 2012

VP Debate 2012: High Expectations and Underestimating the Opponent Can be Perilous

Politico Arena Topic: Could Biden hit Ryan too hard?

There is no question that Team Obama needs a solid debate performance from Vice President Joe Biden in the VP debates. After a week of stories following President Barack Obama’s weak performance at the Denver Debate, a strong Biden showing would help staunch the bleeding. Democrats hope that Biden can land some punches and counter-punches on the Romney-Ryan agenda that President Obama failed to land or even throw. Especially facing the architect of the GOP’s budget, Biden will be expected to take Representative Paul Ryan to task for his plans on Medicare, Social Security, and a host of other controversial policy ideas.

The Vice President has one very large advantage going into the October 11 debate: expectations are very low for him. Known for his verbal gaffes, Biden is neither feared nor respected by Republicans, particularly by the VP nominee himself. Long-time Republican strategist Ed Rollins epitomizes this view when he told Fox News this summer that Ryan “is going to wipe up the floor with Biden in the debates.” However, high expectations and underestimating your opponent can be perilous heading into a debate—just ask Team Obama.

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Anonymous said...

Will he "hit Ryan too hard?" you have got to be kidding me! Biden is an idiot and everyone (except him) knows it. Laughable how ridiculous a question you pose.

DC said...

Well I didn't pose the question, Politico did so trying reading the whole post if you are capable of understanding it. And Biden is no idiot but he is gaffe prone. But you exemplify the majority of Americans who underestimate him.

How about next time you include your name because it's really easy to say controversial things about people without putting your real name out there. To do otherwise means you are a coward.

DC said...

Okay, so I was harsh & ornery in my comment from yesterday--I apologize. But do please leave a name or at least an acronym when commenting.

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