Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Obama Afflcited With March Madness

How cool is this? The Commander-in-Chief fills out an NCAA Tournament Bracket for all the world to see. Does it publicly. What would Lincoln have done? More importantly, would Lincoln have taken UNC as well, or gone for the home state Fighting Illini? Is the bracket covered under the Presidential Records Act of 1978? Does it go into the archives?

Seriously though, filling out an NCAA basketball tourney bracket is something millions of Americans do each year. For some, there is no better time in sports than that known as March Madness. I, for one, am not afflicted with the disease--basketball has never been my game (being short and shaped like a pear doesn't help). However, this President clearly enjoys sports and is determined to continue being a fan even from the cloistered Oval Office.

Most of our recent presidents have been sports fans: Nixon, Ford, the Bushes, and Clinton to name a few. Obama fits firmly in that group. What I find intriguing is that he is unapologetic about his preferences (he's an avid White Sox fan and hates the Cubbies) and enjoys the game from a lay person's perspective--he plays pick-up basketball whenever he can, and sat with the fans at a recent NBA game and enjoyed a cold one. Regardless of what your party ID is, if you like sports, you have to admit, that's pretty cool.


redhorse said...

He picked Alabama State. Clearly, from this utter lack of insight, the whole bracket can be ignored.

DC said...

Red--glad you decided to wander around these parts. I hope you come back & comment often. The bogosphere ain't the same without Redhorse.

I'm confused though & please excuse my basketball ignorance but doesn't his bracket show him picking Louisville???

DC said...

BTW Red, when I wrote "For some, there is no better time in sports than that known as March Madness" I was thinking of ol' Red.

redhorse said...

I thought you might have been. I have taken tomorrow off so I can watch hoop for 12 hours.

I meant he took Ala St in the play-in game against Morehead St, not against Louisville.

Anonymous said...

So, you are describing yourself like a pear eh? I would say more like the rack of lamb at Parthenons. Watch it, "I'll kick your grass" Call me, I have some interesting news.

Anonymous said...

Frankly, he's probably better at working on the economy after taking a few minutes to think about the NCAA playoffs.

But where is he on the women's side?

And -- Nixon a sports fan? He claimed to like to watch football, and he sent a play to the Superbowl once -- but . . . Nixon? Really?

DC said...

MMMM, Parthenon's.

Ed--Nixon was a big sports fan as far as I know. He & Pat were avid bowlers. Of course, if I'm wrong, it would be a perfect post for MFB--how the perception of Nixon loving sports is a myth.

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