Friday, January 16, 2009

And...They're Off

Well that didn't take long. Just two days after Republican George Voinovich announced he would not be seeking another term as the senior Senator from Ohio, former Congressman Rob Portman officially threw his hat in the ring. Portman picked up a bevy of endorsements including that of House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-OH) who said that there was "no stronger candidate to represent Ohio."

Portman will have to work hard to build his name recognition since he is relatively unknown outside of Southwest Ohio. At a news conference in Cleveland a day after Portman announced, many did not recognize him. According to the PD, "as people walked by in Tower City this morning holding cups of coffee while Portman held his press conference, several murmured, 'Who's that?'" A former OMB Director, U.S. Trade Representative, and member of Congress, Portman should have little trouble tapping his network and raising the necessary cash to boost his name ID. His ties to the George W. Bush administration, however, could put him at a slight disadvantage, at least in the current political environment.

Meanwhile, State Senator Kevin Coughlin announced he was exploring a run for the Republican nomination for Ohio Governor. Coughlin's wife Anne may run for the seat he will be vacating. Accoding to the PD, "[Anne Coughlin] filed paperwork with the Secretary of State Nov. 20 that allows her to raise money. The form states the money is for the Senate District 27 in 2010."

Coughlin may face a challenge from former Congressman John Kasich. His biggest challenge, however, may be the continuing feud he has with Summit County Republican Party Chairman Alex Arshinkoff, who Coughlin tried to depose last year. Asked to comment about Coughlin's gubernatorial run, Arshinkoff stated: "When you want to discuss serious news, call me."

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Anonymous said...

The PD article is outdated. Anne Coughlin considered running for the Senate but turned it down last year.

The Coughlins sent out an email to friends saying that she is not running for that or anything else.

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