Friday, April 17, 2009

Lone Star Secession

Texas Governor Rick Perry certainly made news the other day at one of those tea party rallies. Not only did he protest big government and taxes, he started talking about the "S" word--secession. Yes, the governor of America's second largest state began waxing poetic about Texas leaving the union:

Most scholars think the talk of secession is just political hot air aimed at positioning Perry for a primary fight against fellow Republican Senator Kay Bailey Huchison:

If Texas does eventually decide to seceed, the Federal Government won't just wish them well. And, it wouldn't turn out very well for them. But public opinion in Texas is clearly not with the secessionists: 75% of Texans want to stay while only 18% want to leave. Still, I'm amazed that 1 out of 5 would opt for Texas secession...


Anonymous said...

I think I saw Bush's hand up his arse, as the puppetmaster, in a recent video feed.............Put the border fence around the state

Brian Koss said...

I'm not sure if Perry is serious about succession or if he just got caught up in the moment. However, I do support his standing up for his state and rejecting stimulus money; you don't get money without conditions.

Some have proposed this is political positioning. He is getting challenged from the more moderate Kay Bailey Hutchinson in the primary I believe.

DC said...

Yeah, I think Perry is trying to secure his flank in the primary. He'll need to shore up the base & this is a little red meat for them.

Rejecting stimulus money is a politically risky thing to do--probably okay in Texas where an R will win the governor's office no matter what, but risky elsewhere.

As for President Bush, I would think he would be dead set against this "secessionist movement."

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