Saturday, November 8, 2008

George W. Bush: The Memoir

I was always disappointed that George H.W. Bush chose not to write a memoir, instead letting history make its own judgement. A lot happened in those four years from the Persian Gulf War, to the fall of the Berlin Wall, to the crumbling of the Soviet empire. It would have been nice to view those events through the eyes of the man in the Oval Office at the time.

I am glad George W. Bush seems willing to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard), though publishers are advising him to wait a few years until his popularity bounces back. Love him or hate him or something in between, the last eight years have been filled with events of great historical magnitude: the 2000 election, 9/11, The Afghanistan War, The Iraq War, Hurricane Katrina, the financial crisis of 2008. I hope we get an honest recounting of the last eight years from his perspective, not a sanitized version of history so common from ex-presidents, their families, and their staffs, Democrats and Republicans alike.

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