Thursday, March 1, 2012

U.S. Senate Candidate Josh Mandel Speaks at Akron Press Club

Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel visited the Akron Press Club today and (officially) announced his candidacy for the U.S. Senate seat held by Sherrod Brown (D-OH). The Republican from Beachwood spoke at the press club event and then fielded questions. The event was co-sponsored by the Ray C. Bliss Institute of Applied Politics at The University of Akron and the League of Women Voters of the Akron Area. The video from the event is below.


JLM said...

Anybody ask Joshie why he's skipped every Board of Deposit Meeting he was supposed to attend?

scott davidson said...

Wow. Fantastic monster there. The urbanity monster striding forth, as it does in most cities of the world. Nice hand-drawn banner too. Something like this image, , by French painter Fernand L├ęger, maybe effective painted large on a wall too, acknowledged as a copy of course. It can be seen at and a canvas print of it can be ordered from there.

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