Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Thaddeus McCotter: Strumming His Way to the White House?

Politico Arena Topic: Will Thaddeus McCotter Catch Fire?

Michigan's Thaddeus McCotter is not your typical cookie-cutter Republican. He is at odds with his party at times on such issues as free trade and unions. A passionate defender of America's automakers, McCotter is a 21st century politician known for his tweeting, guitar playing (he is in a bipartisan band called the Second Amendments that plays for the troops from time to time), pop culture references, and beyond the bullet point commentary.

McCotter faces a steep uphill climb. He has virtually no name recognition outside his district and little money to help change that. Also, House members have always done poorly in their bids for the White House. The last sitting member of that body to be elected president was Ohio's James Garfield in 1880 and he was a dark horse compromise candidate who had already been appointed to the Senate when his party came calling. With two other better-known House members in the race already, McCotter will need to make a big splash and quick if he is to get any traction. If he sticks around for awhile, McCotter should make for interesting copy.

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