Monday, May 23, 2011

Nancy Pelosi: Yesterday's News or Perfect Foil?

Politico Arena Topic: Pelosi Effective Foil for GOP?

Republican attack ads using Nancy Pelosi as the villain will be about as effective as Democratic ads were in 2010 which starred George W. Bush—not very. Pelosi is yesterday’s news. Informed voters know that Democrats no longer run the House and that the only real puppet masters of that institution have “Speaker” or “Chairman” in their title. Ill-informed voters don’t remember who the heck Pelosi is at this point since she is no longer an obsession of the Washington media.

It is interesting that Republicans would cart out Pelosi as a foil in the race for North Carolina’s 11th District and I’m sure the Shuler reelection campaign is loving it. After all, Heath Shuler’s constituents will no doubt be treated to numerous pro-Shuler ads showing that he ran against Pelosi for the Minority Leader post. All the GOP ads serve to do is demonstrate that Shuler is an independent thinker—while most of Shuler’s colleagues supported Pelosi’s election, Shuler established through his words and action that he was willing to challenge his party’s leadership and progressive wing. Shuler should send the NRCC a thank you card for helping publicize his case and making the GOP look foolish all at once.

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