Friday, May 13, 2011

C Street Hypocrite

Politico Arena Topic: The John Ensign Report

The most startling thing about the Ensign report is the totality of the transgressions involved. If the allegations contained in the report are true, not only does it appear that the Senator broke numerous Federal laws, it is clear he is an abhorrent human being who needs to spend some quality time in prison for preying on subordinates and abusing his position in the U.S. Senate to cover his tracks. And let’s not even get into the fact that he dragged Mommy and Daddy into this mess as if he were caught shoplifting Skittles at the 7-Eleven. I applaud the Senate Ethics Panel for not quietly burying the story—something they were not doubt tempted to do.

For the record, no political party has a monopoly on moral turpitude—there are plenty of examples on both sides of the aisle. Details of the John Edwards case, for example, bring up similar repugnant issues. However, the fact that John Ensign is a self-proclaimed Christian conservative—one of the C Street crowd—makes him a first class hypocrite as well.

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