Thursday, February 4, 2010

Are These Poll Results For Real?

Daily Kos/Research 2000 conducted a poll of Republican voters over the last several days of January. The results were shocking. Here's a few of the more interesting results:

39% of Republicans think President Obama should be impeached; 29% are unsure. [Um, and what crime is he alleged to have committed exactly?]

36% of Republicans do not think Obama was born in the U.S.; 22% are not sure. [Birthers are still prevalent in the GOP we see]

63% of Republicans think Obama is a socialist; 16% are unsure [Most of those have no idea what a socialist is]

55% of Republicans are unsure of whether or not ACORN stole the 2009 election [Seriously?]

31% of Republicans think Obama is a racist who hates white people; 33% are not sure [This has to be the scariest result of all. If you really feel this way, you are ignorant beyond reason and I am wasting my time typing this because you likely cannot read]

53% of Republicans believe Sarah Palin is more qualified than Barack Obama to be president [This one is laughable but scares me at the same time. Anyone who really believes this has zero credibility]

This poll is sad and shows the amount of hysteria gripping the Right in this country. The results would be equally sad had it been conducted with Democratic voters and garnered similar extreme results during the Bush 43 presidency.


msteven said...

I even heard that 35% of Republicans believe that Obama WANTS the terrorist to win.

Many believe that he WANTS to wreck our economy.

The culture has become so divisive and polarized that partisan voters actually wish bad things to happen - if it results in political harm to the opposing party.

John Edwards and Mark Sanford are 'political' stories. Some Republicans want the economy to fail for the purpose of 2010/2012 elections - as Democrats were happy about the collapse in late 2008. Some Dems rooted for more attacks in Iraq/Afghanistan when Bush 43 in office. It's all about the perception of the political party.

I agree with you that the poll results would be equally sad had it been conducted with Democratic voters and garnered similar extreme results during the Bush 43 presidency.

Mind blowing and very, very sad.

DC said...

I totally agree...

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm I think you meant to use the words Bush and Democrats! Seems like a taste of what you gave Bush for 8 years!

DC said...


That's why I ended the post the way I did and agreed with msteven. There we're plenty of Dems who wanted to see Bush fail regardless of the consequences (losing Iraq War, economy going into toilet, etc.).

Our political environment has become so caustic nothing of substance can really get done...

KnightinBaldingArmor said...

DC - I haven't seen the internals of the poll - I would regard them as being a bit suspicious - I really don't think polls or stories like this help anything. I feel that they give the opposition party some sort of validity to be extremely objectional. Eh? I've seen this same story during W's admin - as you note - and hated it then, hate it now!

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