Saturday, September 5, 2009

Obama's Upcoming Address to Schoolkids Creating Faux Controversy

Why would President Barack Obama's address to the nation's schoolkids be controversial? It is so controversial a number of schools are opting out and outraged parents are putting pressure on them to do so. It shouldn't be. He is after all the president. He occupies an office that until recently was held in high regard by all Americans. It doesn't matter who the president is--Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative, Obama or Bush--he is the president and an address to the nation's schoolkids should be welcomed not criticized.

I remember going to school and having the pictures of the presidents hanging on the wall. Not pictures with Hitler moustaches drawn on them or devil eyes like we've seen the wingnut crowd do recently. Just their portraits. They were given the respect they were due.

The faux controversy over the presidents address to school kids is just that--a controversy created by wingnut talk radio and bought into by a hyper-conspiratorial and ill-informed American public. This is just the latest example that many in the American public have lost their mind.

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msteven said...

Again, a very interesting topic. I agree with you that the office of the President should be respected and transcend political affiliation. This SHOULD not be a controversial issue. But … also there should not be rebuttal by the opposition party after the State of the Union. The Presidential appointments should be judged on their qualifications. Tragedies such as death of politicians should not be opportunity for partisan gain. The inauguration event should be not be politicized. Yet those are not the realities. The President is a partisan and divisive figure. I believe that if the President were a Republican, there would be the same level of controversy if not more due to other PAC influence. So, while I agree with you that it is sad that an address by the office of the president is not welcomed and transcends partisan politics, I do feel that this has been the reality pre-Obama and much of the reaction is hypocrisy by the talking heads representing both sides. Basically, “everything” has become is political in nature. And it seems we’d both agree it is unfortunate.

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