Friday, September 18, 2009

Keeping Things in the Presidential Thought Bubble

I know there have been many times, when in the middle of a lecture or answering a question during class, I say something I probably shouldn't have. My students do it all the time too. When they do, I tell them to keep that comment in the thought bubble (you know, the cartoon bubble which shows what a character is thinking) and not say it out loud. Once it's out there you can't take it back.

I'm sure President Obama wishes he would have kept the comment that Kanye West was a "jackass" in the thought bubble. But he's the president and just about everything he says or does in public will be caught on camera. The good news for the President is that most people agree with him--Kanye West acted like a total jackass at the 2009 VMA awards. The bad news is that he'll probably have to call West and apologize for speaking the truth.


msteven said...

I do not think it was inappropriate because 1) while it was captured, it was not a public statement and 2) it is absolutely accurate.

I hope Obama does not publicly apologize. The President is still a human being and bad behavior is bad behavior. I do believe that this is a case where race IS a factor. If a white politician (especially a Republican) had said that, there would be outrage and accusations of bigotry. Not in this case. He called it.

Just because you are President of the United States, should not mean you cannot refer an obvious jacka$$ as such.

Anonymous said...

He ought to go even harder at what is wrong with america - and that is how we treat each other, especially how men treat women - musician men who rap are top of this list.


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