Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Brett Favre, Huckster

Huckster: "a cheaply mercenary person"

Yes, I know this blog is about politics but as the creater/owner/CEO I have license to digress. And, as a lifetime Green Bay Packer fan I have a responsibility to write on the following topic: Brett Favre. For many years, wise friends tried to tell me that Favre was a prima donna--a spotlight-craving diva. I always poo-pooed them. I was sucked in by the awe-shucks, wrangler-wearing, John Deere mower-riding good ol' boy from Kiln, Mississippi who was born to heave the pig.

Those days are over. Favre has committed treason for reasons of revenge and money. He has signed with the Minnesota Vikings. But I fret not. I am glad. Green Bay will visit Minnesota October 5. It will be great sports theater. Minnesota's offensive line had better construct an iron curtain around the 39 year old diva because the Packers will be out for blood. And with every sack I will cheer. He is the hero no more. A huckster has arisen in his place.


Ziggy said...

Dave: remember this when thinking of Fav-re

"Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”

Secretly you fear that Bubba Unitas will throw for 300 and 4 TD's while Aaron Rodgers holds onto his title of ugliest man in the NFL. He is the reason they invented the dark faceshield.


DC said...

Ziggy--thanks for the feedback.

I would not be surprised to see the old man put up some gaudy numbers against his old team. I also would not be surprised to see him face planted into the turf from a team so tired of his mug.

I disagree about Rogers--he is not the ugliest man in the NFL--any of the Chicago Bears would take that title.

msteven said...

I sincerely hope that the Vikings fail this season. I have also become a huge Green Bay & more specifically Aaron Rodgers fan. All because of Brett Favre, formerly known as one of the NFL’s good guys, a true football player at the QB position and a winner no matter what the score. But now he has become someone who represents the negative side of professional athletes – hypocritical, money-camera grubbing, vengeful. I think the Vikings are making a mistake (just as NYJ did last season). Football is a team sport more than any other and his presence in this scenario makes it all about him. Seems to me that is a recipe for bad things like forced throws. I hope I’m right because in my opinion under the circumstances, Vick deserves professional success more than Brett Favre. Favre has already made enemies but winning does make everything OK – which is why I am rooting against him.

DC said...

msteven--after watching Favre most of my adult life, it finally dawned on me that Favre was all about Favre, team be-damned. He is a spotlight-craving ego-centric who in the end will destroy the chemistry of the Vikings should they start to fail. Just look at the comments of his Jets' teammates in the end...

Anonymous said...

It is entirely pleasurable to have been witness to the angst, anger, and jealousy that has been flying around cheeseland (home of the paint thinner drinking idiots). Whether Favre fails, shines, or waffles, glory be to those who made it possible for the cheese to spoil a bit here in Wisconsin. Might teach you not to get so attached to money grubbing athletes.

billy bad-ass

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