Friday, June 19, 2009

Harry Truman, Grandpa

I came across an amazing article in Prologue magazine about Harry Truman, written by Clifton Truman Daniel, the President's grandson and Margaret's eldest son. Imagine being six years old when you find out that your grandfather had been president of the United States. Daniel's portrait of Truman provides an fascinating behind-the-scenes look at Truman the man, as well as some interesting tales of Lyndon Johnson. Here is just a taste:

"My favorite story is about the man whose car blew a tire on Delaware Street, right in front of the house. Not knowing where he was or whose house he was approaching, the man walked through the unlocked gate and up to the front door where he rang the bell. Grandpa answered in his shirtsleeves. 'Can I use your phone, please?' the man said. 'I have a flat.' 'Sure,' Grandpa said. 'Come on in.' The man called a local mechanic, who said it would take 20 minutes or so to get to him. 'I'll wait outside,' he told Grandpa. 'Nonsense,' Grandpa said. 'Have a seat. Relax.' As far as we know, they spent the next 20 minutes chatting amiably in the living room. When the tow truck arrived, the man stood, shook Grandpa's hand, and thanked him for his hospitality. 'Not at all,' Grandpa said, showing the man out. 'It was nice talking to you.' The man got halfway down the front steps before he stopped and turned. 'I hope you won't take offense,' he said. 'But you look a lot like that son of a bitch Harry Truman.' 'No offense at all,' Grandpa said with wide grin. 'I am that son of a bitch.'"

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Erick said...

There's a new book about a road trip he took right after being president. I think it's called Harry Truman's Excellent Adventure. Heard the author being interviewed the other day. Sounded interesting.

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