Friday, March 6, 2009

Obama, Beer, and Some Hoop-Watching

President Obama did something none of us have seen for a longtime--in fact, I can't remember the last time I saw a president do this--he sat in the stands with the fans and watched a sporting event. No luxury box, no cordoned off area--he sat with the crowd to witness his hometown Chicago Bulls get shellacked by the Washington Wizards. President Obama also did something that has brought some controversy to this very cool happening--he drank a beer.

I have mixed emotions about his beverage selection. On the one hand, it is nice to know that the President is similar to so many Americans--he likes to watch sports, relax, and grab a cold one (thank goodness he didn't order wine). If that isn't Americana, I don't know what is. And, I think it's cool that he enjoys being surrounded by people--real people--although I'm sure it drives the Secret Service batty. On the other hand, as much as I, myself, like an ice cold brew in an ice cold mug, as a personal rule, I don't drink in front of my kids, not because I think it will somehow mess them up psychologically, but because I know I am a role model and want to set a good example. Not only was the President having a beer in public, a five year old fan was sitting next to him.

So, if I were to advise the President about the next time he decides to visit a sporting event or any social outing of his choice, I would counsel him to stick to soda. Do the Dew. I'm sure he has been putting in many late nights anyway. The Dew has enough caffeine to keep Rip Van Winkle awake. Better yet, go Code Red--just as much caffeine and oh that delicious cherry flavor. When he gets back to the White House with the cameras off, I'm sure he could find someone to fish out a cold one from the fridge.


Erick said...

I think the President is setting a proper example by drinking responsibly. Demonizing the occasional beer cheapens the distinction between responsible drinking and binge drinking. Trying to shelter the youth from alcohol doesn't prevent them from being exposed to drinking. This isolation just narrows their exposure. I think we should educate the youth on the dangerous of excessive alcohol use and provide them with examples of responsible use. Providing them with the possible adverse effects of such use will allow them to make better decisions in the future.

DC said...

Erick--I agree. Good point.

Ed Darrell said...

One's view of presidential beer drinking might be swayed by the brand of beer. I note someone took the trouble to put the beer into an unmarked glass.

Do they allow the President of the United States to bring his own? Does the Secret Service insist on it?

DC said...

Ed--The question is: was that a beer purchased at the counter or brought in by the Secret Service? I'm sure if the Secret Service insisted, they would be allowed. However, it was probably purchased at the counter by a Secret Service guy who would be able to clearly see if the beer were tampered with. Interesting to think about...

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