Friday, February 6, 2009

NASCAR's Season of Angst Just Beginning

NASCAR's season begins tomorrow with the Budweiser Shootout but there's a decidedly different vibe this year--economic crisis and a sport feeling the crunch. NASCAR, with its reliance on corporate sponsorships and auto industry money and equipment, is perhaps more vulnerable to the economic crunch than any other major sport in the United States. An off season of layoffs, mergers, and test bans have left NASCAR employees and fans alike reeling as the green flag gets ready to drop in Daytona.

USA Today has a great rundown on the challenges facing NASCAR and a preview of some of the story lines that are emerging for 2009, including:

Sport is usually a way for people to unwind and distract themselves from their troubles. When a major sport like NASCAR is effected as much as it is by the economic situation in the country, we are all in trouble. Let us hope that the storyline in 2010 will revolve around the sport's and the economy's rebound.

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