Friday, January 23, 2009

Obama White House Website a Bust So Far

Okay, I know its been only a few days and I'm being impatient. However, as an avid White House watcher and avid browser, I was expecting a lot more.

By the end of the Bush 43 presidency, I was impressed by the White House website. I loved how you could click on the "News" link and find everything that happened for a particular day--from photos of an event, to the text of the president's remarks, to any documents issued or signed by the president that day. I also liked the fact that the press secretary briefings were posted on the site in both video and text format, as well as official statements and event data from other officials such as the vice president. The Bush 43 website provided a rich, evolving, historical record, almost in a daily diary format. I hope the site in its entirety will be available to the general public and scholars soon because it provides a treasure trove of information of the first 21st century presidency.

I am seeing none of that so far on the Obama site. No photos yet (and when the photos come, please don't give me "slide show" format--I want thumbnails I can choose from). No news of the day. No video or text from the first press briefing. No remarks from President Obama (other than the Inaugural Address), video or text, even though he's had a number of formal events at which he's spoken (rule of thumb to follow--if his remarks will show up in the "Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents" they need to be on the website ASAP, at a minimum).

I know, I know, it's early...

1 comment:

BDeno said...

If you hadn't heard the White House was getting a tech upgrade. Give it a few days man. GOOD LORD, you need to chill. Maybe the Obama White House is spending most of their time healing us.

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