Friday, November 21, 2008

Turkey Pardoning Wasilla Style

I had promised myself that I was not going to make any more posts for awhile about Sarah Palin, if only to avoid the whining I would inevitably hear from my brother, the lone Palin cheerleader remaining east of the Mississippi. Well, I tried but I just couldn't--this story was just too juicy--literally.

Governor Palin decided to perform a presidential tradition today and pardon a Thanksgiving turkey today. Well, there is a right way and a wrong way to pardon a turkey, an act presidents have performed in one form or another since Harry Truman first began the practice (though there is some controversy about when exactly when and in what form the pardon tradition began).

Right Way: Gather reporters and photographers outside the White House, say something pithy and/or witty, smile for the camera, and walk back to the Oval.

Classic. If Alaska reinstated capital punishment on Governor Palin's watch I wonder what that would look like...


Bill said...

Nice to see that you relied on the great state of Minnesota's best news source for your video. Must have been checking local new source for Senate update, eh?

Go Vikings!

DC said...

Bill--it pained me to use a s ource from the land of 10,000 lakes but I was lazy & didn't want to look for another link.

Just remember, the Packers OWN the Vikes!!!

Scout said...

I saw that clip at The Huffington Post, and I wasn't sure what I should be disturbed by most, the activity going on behind or her jibberish in response to the reporter's questions.

popswillie said...

Must this country continue to show its ignorance by allowing airtime to airheads who were a few votes from associate rulership? Or is our media helping to overexpose and bury her?

Go Vikes!

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