Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Roughin' It

Republican Jason Chaffetz, the newest member of Utah's U.S. Congressional delegation, is just the latest member planning on living in his Capitol Hill office. Politico has an interesting piece on members who choose to save money, live within a budget, and room where they work. Although there are no official statistics on the topic, it is estimated that roughly 40 or so of Congress' 435 members decide to call their Hill office their refuge when in the District. (Ohio Democrat Jim Traficant used to sleep in his Hill office--now he sleeps in housing provided by the Federal Bureau of Prisons).

Frankly, I'd choose a well-padded futon that could double as a sofa during working hours. That would probably much more comfortable at night and you could write it off as a work expense because you'd be using it during the day for business.

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