Monday, November 17, 2008

Obama, McCain Meet in Chicago...Arm Wrestle to See Who's Stronger

Okay. So maybe they didn't arm wrestle but wouldn't that have been cool if they did? How about throwing on some boxing gloves and going a few rounds? Well, in the post-election era of bipartisan rapprochement that would be problematic.

Senator John McCain and President-elect Barack Obama did meet though to discuss policy areas where they could work together over the next four years including energy, ethics reform, and national service. I don't recall any kind of post-election strategy meeting between two former presidential rivals ever taking place in the past, at least in the modern era. Although he is unlikely to ask McCain to join his cabinet, this olive branch that Obama extended shows that he is genuine about wanting to govern in a bipartisan fashion. We'll see how long the era of good feelings lasts in the toxic environment of Washington. I give it until February 1.

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