Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Obama Demonstrates How You Keep Your Friends Close

...and your enemies closer.

The Hill has a great story about the influence of President-elect Obama and his strategy of peace and reconciliation in the post-election era.

Senate Democrats were calling for Joe Lieberman's head for his active support of Senator John McCain's presidential bid and his over-the-top criticism of Barack Obama's candidacy. Possible punishments ranged from stripping Lieberman of his Homeland security chairmanship to kicking Lieberman out of the caucus. Instead, Obama made it clear behind the scenes that Lieberman gets to stay in the caucus, keep his gavel, and gets no punishment.

Senator Hillary Clinton getting offered the crown jewel of cabinet posts--Secretary of State--also is pure Obama. The primary was brutal; however, Obama is demonstrating an amazing ability to turn the other cheek--a rarity in politics.

It will be interesting to see who the next surprise is to get welcomed back to the fold or offered a cabinet post. Cheney? Naw.

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