Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Holding a Seat for Beau

The election of Delaware Senator Joe Biden set off all sorts of speculation over who would be appointed to his soon-to-be-vacant seat which he has held since 1973. The natural replacement has always been his son Beau, the current Attorney General of Delaware. One problem: Beau was just recently deployed to Iraq for a year as part of his Army National Guard unit.

So what to do? Well, how about appointing someone as a placeholder to keep the Senate seat warm for the younger Biden. How about a current Biden staffer to fill the seat for two years until the younger Biden is back in the states and can campaign on his own. According to The Hill: "A loyal family friend was appointed to Vice President-elect Joe Biden’s vacant Senate seat Monday as an apparent placeholder until Beau Biden can inherit it upon his return from active duty in Iraq. In one of her final acts in office, Delaware Gov. Ruth Ann Minner (D) selected Ted Kaufman, a longtime adviser and former chief of staff to the elder Biden, to be the state’s next senator." According to an LA Times political blog, Kaufman is "heading the senator's transition team for the vice presidency of the new Barack Obama administration."

Vice President-elect Biden has yet to resign his seat. That likely won't happen until sometime in January.

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