Sunday, November 16, 2008

Cavett on the Wasilla Wordsmith

Dick Cavett has a great piece in the NYT today on Governor Sarah Palin. Which leads me to the following question: Why doesn't Cavett still have a show? The guy was great when he had one. Seriously, anyone can have a show. Dr. Phil has a show right? Maury Povich has a show doesn't he? I say bring back Cavett!


Scout said...

Here, here! He needs a show, and we need him to have one. I wonder what the ratings would be though, especially given the chit-chat about Palin having one of her own. Jiminy.

DC said...

Yes, Cavett needs to come back.

I actually think Sarah Palin would be successful with a talk show. Heck if Mike Huckabee & John Kasich can have one on Fox, why not Palin?

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